5 Warning Signs a Particular Airport Taxi Service Isn’t the Right Choice


Airport transportation is a popular industry and it has seen a considerable amount of growth in the Nova Scotia region in the recent years. While this is good news as it offers traveler a choice, it can also be confusing. At Bally Taxi and Limousine, we recommend that you look out for the warning signs mentioned below while looking for a taxi service,  in order to avoid problems during your trip:

  1. No clear pricing strategy

Look for companies that provide clear details about their pricing strategy on their website or through email on request. This will help you avoid Halifax airport taxi services that have hidden costs and provide inflated bills at the end of the trip. This is one of the most important steps to take if you’re traveling on a fixed budget and want to save money wherever you can.

  1. No detailed quotes

When you book the Halifax airport taxi service online, you’ll receive a detailed estimate of what the trip will cost. While this is just an estimate, the final bill will be more or less the same amount. If the company doesn’t provide a valid estimate of the trip cost before the booking period, you should contact them and request one, or look at the competitors.

  1. No license or insurance

Halifax airport taxi service providers aren’t allowed to operate in the industry and provide services to customers without valid and current licenses. Look for the details regarding their license, permits, and insurance on their website before you attempt to book the service.

If you don’t find any information, call the company directly and request their license details. Most service providers won’t hesitate to provide all the information you need and you will know they’re reliable. If the service provider hesitates to give you the details, don’t hire their service and look for more reliable options.

  1. Low ratings and poor reviews

You have free access to information regarding different products and services online. Before hiring a service, simply browse through the Internet and look at reviews left behind by past clients and travelers. That should give you a good idea of what kind of services you can expect from the company.

If the Halifax airport taxi service has low ratings and poor reviews, look for alternative options for more reliable services. It’s also a good idea to take note of all criticisms mentioned in the review before you hire a company so you do not face problems during your trip.

  1. Poor customer support

If the Halifax airport taxi service provider doesn’t respond to your calls promptly or to your emails in a reasonable amount of time, you can be certain their customer service isn’t reliable, which can prove to be a problem down the line.